We’re looking for a Senior Account Executive

You rock at digital marketing (5 to 10 years experience).

You cracked Google algo. Twice. You dominate PPC, CRO, Analytics, English and client relationship.

You feel bored and deadly comfortable in your e-commerce small garden.

You need to jump at a higher level.

We do personae, inbound, content, automation, ABM and much more.

We deliver high level performance to really big players, at a European level.

We love digital B2B, we love our industrial clients and we may share this love with you!

Your mission typically involves:

•  Meeting and liaising with clients to discuss and identify their marketing requirements

•  Working with agency colleagues to devise marketing strategies that meet the client's brief and budget

•  Presenting alongside agency colleagues, the marketing dispositive ideas and budget to the client

•  Liaising with, and acting as the link between, the client and the agency team by maintaining regular
contact with both, ensuring that communication flows effectively

•  Negotiating with clients about strategy details

•  Presenting creative work to clients for approval or modification

•  Handling budgets and managing operations and campaigns costs

•  Writing client reports (using MyDash, our own monitoring Dashboard)

•  Monitoring strategies effectiveness and ROI

•  Undertaking administrative tasks

•  Arranging and attending meetings

•  Making 'pitches', along with other agency staff, to win new business for the agency.

•  Doing the job in a truthful and contagious loving attitude

Package (depending on your experience and level of seniority) starts at:

•  60 K + % on clients growth margin and cross selling

•  Health insurance + meal vouchers

•  Reimbursement of expenses due to business-related meals

•  Travels/Hotels/restaurants in Europe

•  Taking part in the outside-of-work activities and evenings organized by and with the agency

•  Free daily hugs, kisses, smiles, coffees and fruits

Send your application at:


Send your application at: